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Investments philosophy

Our investment philosophy is deeply rooted in the vision of UAE which is to focus on creating better opportunities for the people from all over the world. The focus is on Creating a synergistic blend between existing traditional business model to align itself towards more futuristic ideas towards emerging technologies and sustainability.
Keeping Sustainability at its core, the BM office of His Highness Sheikh tahnoon bin saeed bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan focusses on both direct investments via Special purpose vehicle for specific projects or into the target company.
The focus is also on supporting companies doing business in UAE in order to enhance the economy. We believe in creating conducive atmosphere for business in UAE for global companies. The focus is to strengthen the local presence and then expand internationally through the UAE based Company.

At the portfolio company level

Portfolio companies typically grow organically or through acquisitions according to their own respective strategy.

At the Business management office of His Highness Sheikh tahnoon bin saeed bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan parent level

BM office supports the development of strategic portfolio companies where required; and
– In parallel, BM office as the principal investment arm of the Royal family office also carries out its own investment activities that supplement the strategic activities described above. Whilst BM office has autonomy in the selection of projects in which to invest, these investments are typically aligned with the development strategy of the Government and royal office or they can also provide a degree of diversification away from the strategic portfolio to reduce dependence on key sectors.

Investments philosophy

Sound governance practices are essential for BM office’s long-term success. The BM office is committed to demonstrating and upholding high standards of corporate governance and promoting these standards across BM office and its portfolio companies.
The Board has oversight of the organisation’s corporate governance affairs and related policies and procedures. It is responsible for the stewardship of BM office seeking to ensure that BM office’s investment management and operational arrangements are functioning effectively.

The governance of BM office is achieved through the delegation of certain authorities including to various active committees that regularly report to and operate under the overall oversight of the Board of Directors.

Delegated authority allows for the efficient day-to-day management of BM office and promotes responsibility and accountability.

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