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Media & Communication

Thought leadership has more impact than most marketers recognize. Our Communications & Media partners help seize the opportunity to fuel future growth along with significant cost savings.

We focus on contributing comfortable and enriching lifestyles and diverse accessibility by providing superior products and services in the fields of media, digital business and smart communications platform.

At the Private Office, we are uniquely positioned to help good communications and media companies become great companies. As a highly acquisitive organization, we continue to explore additional partnership opportunities in the communications and media industry globally in all major media and communication segments

We promote innovation throughout our businesses by adopting advanced technology through investments. In the smart communications platform field, we work on locally expanding our mobile-related businesses. In addition, we promote to build the basis of a smart society. Collaborating our regional network and business foundation as well as various superior functions, we create new values by transcending existing frameworks as a way to help solve social issues.

Our media and communication framework unlocks value – reigniting growth in core services, and driving new digital businesses.

Key Partnerships

We work closely with our partners to reach out and deliver solutions that provide a competitive edge.

Awards & Accolades

Achievements we are proud of, especially when it is recognized and appreciated with peers within the industry.

News & Events

An update of news, events and other activities that is shaping our business space as well as our own role in the marketplace.