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Executive Team

Our Executive Team is committed to making a difference – in the corporate world and wider community. Not only are they outcome driven, they are problem solvers who use an analytical approach to finding solutions to complex challenges.

The operations of the Private Office is underpinned by the knowledge, experience and talent of the executive team. It is this team that drives our success and contribute to a high performance culture that values excellence. Problem solvers by nature, they are driven without compromise.

Our Executive Team provides balanced and impartial views on a range of technical and industry issues to our partners. With them around, our partners are surrounded by a team of intelligent, driven and passionate go-getters, all working toward the same goal – success. They are in tune with our partners’ needs and are dedicated to developing solutions to help them reach their true potential. By providing unwavering support for our frontline, customer-focussed teams, our administrative and operational teams reinforce the office’s ability to perform at a high level year-on-year.

The great minds at work in our team have the ability to truly understand a partner’s business – the challenges they face and the opportunities at their disposal – and how the environment can be tailored to their specific requirements to produce exceptional results.

Key Partnerships

We work closely with our partners to reach out and deliver solutions that provide a competitive edge.

Awards & Accolades

Achievements we are proud of, especially when it is recognized and appreciated with peers within the industry.

News & Events

An update of news, events and other activities that is shaping our business space as well as our own role in the marketplace.