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As commercial experts who have driven businesses for both large and small healthcare companies in the region, the Private Office can help with innovative approaches to establish a stronger market presence and reach more consumers.

We aim to create a happy society in which everyone can enjoy a secure and safe way of life.

As healthcare continue to expand globally, the importance for flawless commercial operations has become more critical. We focus on growth sectors to provide safe, secure, and convenient services and enable the healthy lifestyles people deserve. Our partners benefit from our broad expertise and in-depth knowledge of local regulations. We provide contact points for all regulatory matters, as well as commercial and distribution services.

The Private Office also regards healthcare as being a crucial part of social infrastructure that will support society and is therefore undertaking the healthcare business as one of its core pillars. We are working to expand our healthcare provision business regionally, especially the GCC, and also develop healthcare -related ancillary service businesses. We also provide business solutions across the various stages of the pharmaceuticals value chain, from development and manufacturing through to sales.

By collaborating with diverse partners, employing technologies from various industries and drawing upon our experience developing successful partnerships & joint ventures, we are helping to deliver healthcare services tailored to individuals in every stage of life and contributing to sustainable social system suitable for the nation.

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We work closely with our partners to reach out and deliver solutions that provide a competitive edge.

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