The Arising Sub-Sahara Africa Conference & Awards 2019

Chief Guest and Key Note Speaker and the Most Innovative Investment Strategist Awardee.

Mr. Zulfiquar Z. Ghadiyali received the most innovative investment strategy award at the prestigious summit hosted by Berkeley Middle East Holding – The Arising Sub-Sahara Africa Conference & Awards 2019 held at Sobha Hartland, Mohammad Bin Rashid City – Dubai on 02 March 2019.

He was recognized for his outstanding investment & business efforts and contributions made to the Africa Sub-Sahara region/UAEthrough his various investment initiatives.

“I stressed the need for visionary leadership and co-operation from the lowest level to support the vision of the leaders which is key to the success of any economy. The leaders need to keep its citizens’ interest and development as their prime objective without any prejudice or bias which enables countries to achieve sustainable growth. UAE is a classic example of such development.”

UAE is second largest investor in Africa amounting to approximately 16 Billion USD while China remains largest with 32 Billion USD. UAE is also the gateway to Africa and is therefore the natural route of investments into the Sahara Region.

I informed the audience of our various investment philosophy vis a vis AFRICA and our preferred sector of investment. I also presented ways in which African investors and corporations can be supported by our Royal Office whenever they want to set up their footprints in the UAE by giving them access to opportunities not just in UAE but across the Middle East and South And Far East Asia.”

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